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Now is definitely a good time to check if that pen/watch/pair of underpants you don't really need is being offered at a once-in-a-lifetime price.

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I know you only checked them a couple of minutes ago and the little email flag isn't showing, but sometimes it doesn't work, right?

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You never took much interest in the EU before but at the moment it seems a matter of national importance that you keep up to date with the latest news feeds.

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You don't want to miss a status update from someone you haven't spoken to in five years, do you? Also, someone might have posted an amusing cat video.

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What's that growing sense of restlessness spreading through your body? Will a sandwich help? Probably.

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tea icon


Sometimes the old ways are the best. A tried and trusted procrastination technique.

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Side project

Oh dear - you won't be earning any money for a while. You've decided that writing a screenplay/building something from that pile of wood in the garden is a good use of your time. In the long run it's actually better than doing what you're supposed to be doing, right?

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umbrella icon


Time to waterproof that umbrella. No, really.

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Created by Sim Brody